Bryant Temple Church of God in Christ - Perseverance Still Lives....
Weekly Bible Study
Every Tuesday....6:30 pm - 7:30 pm
Bible study reveals a plan and purpose for every person's life. The knowledge and understanding gained from Bible study can give you a better understanding of your life and its events. We often ask ourselves about questions in life that we just don't understand. Bible study can embrace those questions and realistically answer them by applying the word of God. We often times give up on the bible because we think we have to be a pastor to understand it. The Bible is for everyone and everyone who studies it can master it's message.Join us every Tuesday at Bible study. We can help you to have a better life, a deeper understanding of your purpose and a greater knowledge of how important your life really is.

Quarterly Lessons Include:

Spiritual Gifts are for the Body of Christ or For the Church
The Diversity of the Gifts
The Five Fold Ministry
The Manifestation of Gifts
The Necessity of Exercising the Gifts in Love
The Superiority of Prophecy Over Tongues
The Test of the Gifts
The Unity of the Gifts
Special Gifts of Grace
The Motivational Gifts
The Ministry Gifts
Gifts that Make Room For You
Gifts-The Spoils of War

(December 2014, January, February 2015 lessons)



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